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Wrongs Covert
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Why the woodland is called Wrongs Covert we have, as yet, no idea! It is in the pipeline to archive it at some time in the near future but I had always hoped that perhaps a student of A level history may like to take it up as a project! Or any student of history!!

It is a fascinating site and recently revealed the existence of a Neolithic flint works in the place of the old marl pit, which itself fell into disuse around a hundred years ago. The flint workings have not yet been investigated closely and as funding at the dept of archaeology UEA collapsed at the end of last year, a plan to begin initial excavations have been put on hold, although we do allow interested parties access to the site in order to further any gathering of surface findings which we keep on site and catalogue.



The woodland covers four parishes and the remains of ancient boundary mounds can still be seen, and old boundary trees still stand along the line of the now unused Lyng to Lenwade road, a track which we are led to believe fell into disuse around 400 to 500 years ago, possibly when the river flooded and the roadway moved to higher ground which is the roadway now in use. This is yet another aspect of this fascinating ancient site to be investigated thoroughly. Evidence of older archaeology has been found closer to the river although this awaits verification. 

'On the site there is an old pond believed by some to have been dug as a decoy pond around 70 or 80 years ago. over the years it has fallen into decay and last year we began restoring the eastern side of it. Some parts of the pond have adapted beautifully to its current boggy status and are now the home to various algae and invertebrates which we shall not disturb. On the watery side of the pond however we have spent the winter dredging by hand and by pump some of the debris that has fallen into it over the years and have achieved clear water!!! There is still a lot more to clear and this programme shall re commence in mid November if anyone would like to join us.








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