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The site was acquired 12 years ago after the death of my youngest son.

 I have been involved in conservation and ecology all my life, and establishing a lodge on the Southern shore of Lake Tanganyika in the African Rift Valley for the purpose of environmental study and related subjects, 25 years ago, led me to realise that this very special place in the Wensum Valley was worthy of equal note and attention.

 This micro environment which has been quietly getting on with its life for so long  is full of surprises and delightful seasonal changes that provide an ongoing source of opportunity for study in many fields and I welcome specialists and keen amateurs who are prepared to lend their eyes and ears, so that we may continue to add to the ever growing species lists year on year.

As with any labour of love, or conservation project, restoration of the decaying woodland and coppice is a time consuming and expensive activity, but none the less it is vital that the habitat is restored and maintained.

Woodland only thrives in symbiosis with man and this woodland has not seen anyone for a very long time. It is hoped that we can restore and begin to harvest the thatching reed of which there is 6.5 acres approx. Then to revive the coppice to a level where it can be cropped and used in all manner of ways to demonstrate the ancient art now largely lost in Norfolk.

 Coppice habitat is very important to many of our butterflies and vanishing species of other plants and animals, we are now into the second year of a 15 year revival programme and have already begun to see the vigour and variety returning to the woodland as the light is reintroduced to the space.

We have a serious and difficult problem to tackle in the shape of Himalayan Balsam that has invaded the site and is currently threatening the health of the reed and sedge beds and now the coppice too. Although we have been attacking it for the past three years we have only managed to knock it back in certain areas. With this we need all the help we can get and often have enjoyable "Balsam Bashing " weekends.

So if you feel like joining us please get in touch!!!                                                               

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